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Professional Manual Knife Sharpener by Kitchen Hostess – Great for Standard and Japanese Chef, Paring, Butcher & Pocket Knives – Easily Hones, Sharpens & Polishes Premium Steel – Safety Glove Included

Product Features:

    Efficiency is Key in the KitchenKnowledge is power! Most people don’t realize that cutting with a dull knife is proven to be more dangerous that cutting with a sharp knife. A dull blade requires more pressure to cut, increasing the chance that the knife will slip with great force…
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Product Description

Efficiency is Key in the Kitchen

Knowledge is power! Most people don’t realize that cutting with a dull knife is proven to be more dangerous that cutting with a sharp knife. A dull blade requires more pressure to cut, increasing the chance that the knife will slip with great force behind it. A sharp knife “bites” the surface more readily, making it more stable and safer to use. Not to mention, a sharper knife in the kitchen definitely speeds up the prep work!

Manual Knife Sharpening Experience

There’s something to be said about running the blade over the manual knife sharpener with your own hands and feeling the abrasive wheels reshape and refresh the knife. Some believe that an electric knife sharpener is too aggressive with its sharpening, and can damage or ruin the blade, thus having control of the speed and pressure is important.

Great For a Quick Touch-Up and Daily Maintenance

It is great to use for a quick touch up to your knives in between full sharpenings. The FINE HONING v-slot is ideal for regular knife maintenance with its gentle ceramics, keeping the polish and knife edge sharp. Carbon steel knives should be honed after each use. Stainless steel knives should be honed after every 2-4 uses.

Small, Portable and Easy to Store

It can easily fit into a kitchen drawer for easy storage. You can also pack it and take it on a fishing or camping trip!

Why Choose Our Knife Sharpener?
✔ Effective and versatile 4 stage system
✔ Portable, Fast, and Easy to use
✔ Safe and ergonomically designed
✔ Made of high quality, professional grade materials that will last a lifetime
✔ INCLUDES a high performance cut-resistant glove for safety

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Product Features

  • ✔GREAT INVESTMENT Kitchen Hostess knows how expensive a nice knife set is! This is why we put so much attention to detail and precision into the crafting of our knife sharpeners. Our knife sharpener system is guaranteed to prolong your knife’s life and silhouette, keeping you from having to spend a small fortune on another knife set. We know our customers have a special attachment to their knives, so it is important to us to help you maintain the quality of your knife’s edge.
  • ✔MANUFACTURER LIFETIME WARRANTY We make a superior quality knife sharpener that we know you will love so we are betting on it! If our knife sharpener isn’t up to your standards we will make it up to you with a lifetime replacement manufacturer guarantee! As our customer, we will always take care of you and will do whatever it takes to make you 100% happy!
  • ✔ PROFESSIONAL CHEFS #1 CHOICE Experience the feeling of using a first class knife sharpener; always knowing your favorite knives will forever have a razor-sharp edge. Our 4 stage sharpening system hones and sharpens all straight edge Euro-American and Asian Style stainless steel and high carbon steel knives. It suits right and left handed pulls; sharpening immediately and precisely at the right angles making it much easier and more accurate to use than a whetstone or electric sharpener.
  • ✔ EFFECTIVE & VERSATILE The STANDARD side sharpens all standard Euro-American knives; using carbide blades set at 28 degrees, sharpening at the perfect robust angle. The ASIAN side sharpens the delicate edge of a Japanese knife to a 20 degree angle using a V-shaped cutting head with 2 crossed carbide blades, giving it a sharp edge. The COARSE diamond abrasive v-slot repairs dull blades; giving them life again! The FINE ceramic v-slot is for fine honing; giving the knife a nice polished edge.
  • ✔SAFE, HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Our premium knife sharpener is crafted from solid ABS plastic, tungsten steel and ceramic rods. The materials we use are strong, durable and designed to withstand thousands of pulls! We put the safety of our customers first. Designed with a non-slip, rubberized base for a sure grip, our knife sharpener offers safe, comfortable control while in use. We included a special gift of a cut-resistant glove to ensure no accidents occur while using our product!
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